It’s all about the Wedding Details!

It’s the stuff of dreams – a day that you’ve spent months planning and envisioning, from the perfect dress to table decorations to those final touches that will turn it into your dream wedding. touches that will turn it into your dream wedding

When you look back on this special event in years to come, you’ll want vivid reminders of how beautiful and meaningful it was and that spark of emotion held within every moment.

On your wedding day, we will first stop by the bridal suite for a quick “Hello” and introduction. We love to meet all the bridesmaids and loved ones (whom we haven’t had a chance to meet).

While in the suite, we quickly inventory the time and if everyone is on schedule. If not, we can adjust our time. Then, we will pick up the bag or box of “details .” So what’s in the details? Well, let me tell you!

Everyone’s box may be different, but we have the same checklist.
Here are some ideas to put in your detail box or bag.

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